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Winner of the 2022 Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women

Posted by Capstone Editing on 28 July 2022

The 2022 Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women



Capstone Editing is thrilled to announce that the winner of the 2022 Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women is Dr Nicole Hayes, Post-doctoral Research Fellow at the Child Health Research Centre, University of Queensland.

Dr Hayes is currently working on a project examining the schooling experiences of students with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder.

Dr Wong is currently writing her first monograph, Preaching Womanhood: American Protestant Missionary Laura M. White and Her Chinese Translations of English Fiction.

The funding will assist Dr Wong in completing the research for her monograph and preparing it for submission to an academic press. Dr Wong will also use the funding to present two research presentations—at the Fourth IABA Asia Pacific Conference in November 2021 and at the Chinese Studies Association of Australia 17th Biennial Conference in December. During this trip to Canberra, Dr Wong will also conduct research in the National Library of Australia and Menzies Library at Australian National University, whose holdings of Asian scholarly materials are considered the most comprehensive in Australia.

The funding will cover the open-access fee for publication in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health and also assist with the costs of Outside of School Hours Care, to allow Dr Hayes the time she needs to complete the project.


Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) is a neurodevelopmental disability that has a broad range of impacts on an individual’s physical, cognitive, behavioural, and social-emotional functioning.  School can be a challenging environment for children and young people with FASD who are at high risk of learning difficulties and disengagement from school. The aim of this project is to review current research on the schooling experiences of students with FASD across a broad range of aspects important to school life, including academic achievement, school engagement, participation and motivation, behaviour and social well-being. The review will quantify outcomes across standardised educational assessments as well as synthesise qualitative evidence from the perspective of students and their caregivers. This holistic approach provides an opportunity to recognise strengths as well as identify areas of vulnerability and unmet needs for this student population.

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