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Editing Skills for Academics

This course will teach you the editing skills that will make your job easier. You will learn how to edit scholarly writing to ensure it is clear, concise and consistent, and can be readily understood by its target audience. In addition, you’ll learn how to correctly prepare your own documents for publication and assist your colleagues and students more quickly and efficiently.

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  • Cost A$197
  • Duration 6 weeks
  • Access Indefinite Access
  • Achievements Certificate of Completion

Course Overview


The communication of ideas and research is a fundamental skill for academics and researchers. What is often overlooked is that while writing comprises one set of skills, editing comprises another distinct set.

Academics are constantly required to not only edit their own work for dissemination and publication but also assist their students and colleagues with manuscripts, papers and grants. Though there are plenty of opportunities to hone writing skills, academics often lack the specific training needed to edit efficiently and effectively.

The aim of this course is to provide academics and postgraduate students with both the core skills needed to edit and format scholarly writing and an understanding of editing principles and best practices (including how to give useful and actionable feedback to students and colleagues).

To ensure this course is relevant to everyone seeking to acquire these skills, it includes advice for British, Australian and US English, with exercises and answers provided in British and Australian English, and US English. We have included instructions for both Windows (Office 365) and Mac (Office for Mac) operating systems.

Please note: This course is not intended for professional editors or those seeking to begin a career as an editor. Editing Skills for Academics is only intended for academics and postgraduates seeking to improve their skills in relation to those specific roles. If you wish to learn about editing in a professional capacity, please read about our course Your Editing Career Launched


Dr Lisa Lines
Editing Skills for Academics

Course Outline

We designed this course to be completed in six weeks, with one lesson per week. Each lesson contains a video, course readings, exercises and their answers, and a recommended reading list. However, six weeks is only a suggestion, and it will not suit everyone. This is your course—feel free to adapt it to suit you.

Lesson 1: Academic Grammar and Writing
Lesson 2: The Editing Process
Lesson 3: Proofreading and Copyediting for Publication
Lesson 4: Editing and Formatting Long Documents
Lesson 5: Referencing
Lesson 6: Bringing It All Together

Your Course Presenter

This course is presented by Dr Lisa Lines (our former Director and Head Editor). Dr Lines is a historian, author and academic editor. As one of Australia’s most experienced specialist academic editors, Dr Lines has edited thousands of academic documents during an editing career spanning nearly two decades. Dr Lines has extensive experience training professional editors. In 2018, she developed Your Editing Career Launched—a comprehensive, online course for professional editors. It is unique in that it is taught at a postgraduate level and ensures participants graduate industry ready in only four months.

Lisa Lines presenting a lecture to a room full of people
Dr Lisa Lines
Course Developer and Presenter

Why Is The Price Discounted?

Editing Skills for Academics was developed by a team of Capstone Editing’s specialist academic editors, including Dr Lisa Lines, AE (Founder), Dr Nelson Mok, AE (Head Editor and Program Coordinator) and Ms Amanda Webster, AE (Assistant Program Coordinator).

The course was developed in 2019 for Capstone Editing’s VIP clients to assist them in improving their own writing and editing skills, making it easier for them to succeed in the challenging profession of academia. The academics and postgraduates who completed this course found it so valuable that, in 2021, we decided to make it as widely available as possible as an act of service to the academic community.

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Lisa Lines presenting a lecture to a room full of people