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Medical and Scientific Editing Services

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It is a Science

Capstone Editing’s team of medical and scientific editors are experts at considering both the big picture and the fine details, making us the perfect choice for ensuring rigour and precision in your medical or technical writing. Many of our specialist editors have degrees in medical and scientific fields such as chemistry, bioscience, veterinary science and science communication and are familiar with the nuances of scientific writing and adept at managing complex scientific terminology.

You can be confident that your work is being edited by skilled individuals who can understand and appreciate it; therefore, they will ensure that it is presented in its best possible form.

As academics and scientists, our medical editors understand and regularly use scientific and medical terminology in their own writing. Many have published their work and are familiar with the subtleties, objectivity and technical precision required by leading medical and scientific publications. As specialist academic editors, our attention to detail is unbeatable and we understand the absolute requirement for accuracy and consistency in medical and technical writing.

In contrast to other editing services, our editors are adept at managing mathematical formulae and equations and the unique challenges these bring. Our expert formatting will ensure that your data is presented in its best possible form for your audience and we are glad to suggest and implement refinements to enhance the appearance of your figures for maximum impact.

Whatever the goals of your medical or scientific writing, our highly skilled specialist editors will assist you to achieve them. We will ensure your message is clear and concise regardless of your audience, whether you are communicating to readers of medical or scientific journals, your supervisory panel, your thesis examiners, physicians, patients, medical students, pharmaceutical companies, consumers, pharmaceutical representatives or opinion leaders.

University students in lecture

Scientific Editing Services in Australia

Academia has a very high writing standard, and if you want to be able to publish your research papers, submit a research proposal or even get a good mark on your thesis or dissertation, it’s not sufficient to know your field well. You also need excellent writing skills and a good grasp of the English language, and you need plenty of time to edit and proofread your writing. But what if you don’t have that time for editing? What if you’re unsure about your ability to construct clear and concise arguments? What if English is not your first language and your grammar isn’t perfect yet? There is a solution. You need a good academic editor who not only knows the language but also knows all the demands of scientific writing. Capstone Editing offers English editing of scientific manuscripts, including research proposals, grant proposals, PHD proofreading, dissertations, assignment editing, literature review editing and more. We can help you raise your manuscript to a high level and turn it into a piece you’re proud to submit.

Who Can Benefit from Our Service

As expert wordsmiths, Capstone Editing’s academic editors are adept at shaping language at all levels of complexity and for all audiences to ensure that your document achieves its purpose in an engaging and technically sound form. Our talented team have experience copyediting for many purposes, including:

    • Pharmaceutical sales and marketing materials
    • Training materials
    • Product and company websites
    • Medical communication agencies
    • Science communication
    • Promotional and non-promotional pharmaceutical deliverables
    • Technical product user manuals
    • Clinical reports.

We understand our clients’ diversity and the highly specialised nature of their work. Our excellent client support team will ensure that your specific needs are matched to the best possible editor to ensure your satisfaction, no matter which area your work falls into. Capstone Editing has a reputation for excellence and we are proud to serve clients from a range of areas:

    • Medical universities
    • Medical publishers
    • Peer-reviewed medical journals
    • Individual academics and postgraduate students
    • Medical research institutions
    • Government agencies
    • Trade journals for health care professionals
    • Independent authors or investigators
    • Associations or professional societies for health care professionals
    • Medical doctors or physicians
    • Communication firm/marketing or advertising agencies
    • Health care organisations or providers
    • News outlets for health/medical/scientific news
    • Pharmaceutical companies
    • Clinical or Contract research organisations (CRO)
    • Biotechnology companies.
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Different Stages of English Editing for Scientific Papers

The editing process comprises several different stages with different demands. At Capstone Editing, we offer a range of options for English editing for scientific papers throughout this process. Our editing and proofreading services include the following:

  • Premium Copyediting - This service involves all aspects of language editing, including correcting grammar, spelling, consistency and style; improving logic, clarity and flow; and ensuring the formatting of your paper meets the standards of the journal or institution you’re submitting it to.
  • Platinum (Heavy) Editing - Specifically developed for people with English as an additional language, this service includes everything the Premium Copyediting services does but allows your editor to spend double the time improving your work and providing guidance about improving the organisation and structure (but not to the extent of Substantive Editing).
  • Substantive Editing - This service includes everything the Premium Copyediting service does, except with a larger focus on improving structure, organisation and flow.
  • Proofreading - This service includes polishing the smallest details after editing has been completed, ensuring that no typos or grammatical mistakes have been left behind.

No matter who you are, what you’re writing or what stage you’re at in the editing process, you’ll be able to find a scientific editing service with us that suits your needs.

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English Editing of Scientific Manuscripts by Capstone Editing

Our medical and scientific editing services are offered exclusively by academics with a strong background in your field, such as a PhD or extensive editing experience. You can rest assured that the editor assigned to your project will know how texts are structured in your field and all the necessary terminology. All our editors are highly qualified and have gone through our training so they have all the tools and knowledge necessary to offer medical editing services of the highest standard.

Our Medical Editing Services - Submit Today!

The sooner you submit to us, the faster you’ll be able to complete your scientific text. We’ve made it as simple as possible to send in what you need to be edited. Simply click on Order Now, submit your text for scientific editing and choose what service you need. If you’re not sure what service to pick or you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Email us with what your needs are, and we’ll be able to provide guidance and a quotation.

Our Reputation

We are proud of our reputation as the highest-quality academic editing service available. Testimonials from our past clients and the examples of our editing we provide here demonstrate the quality of our work.

Editing examples

These documents provide representative examples of our work for past clients.


I would like to thank my editor at Capstone Editing for her thorough edit of my grant proposal. Her suggestions gave me better ways of expressing myself with clarity and (importantly for grant proposals) with fewer words! She provided detailed comments on her edits that helped ensure that we didn’t inadvertently change the intended meaning. I appreciated her attention to the details of formatting and nuances of meaning across the document. I highly recommend her to help improve the readability and clarity of academic documents.

Dr Monica Barratt NHMRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of New South Wales

Capstone Editing has edited many journal articles for me. Their editors' thorough command of language really helps in making sure that the article is well expressed and free of errors. They work very quickly and I have found it invaluable to have somebody format an article to the style of the particular journal. It is a massive time saver that allows me to move on to my next piece of work. I plan to use Capstone's services again, including for a book project I have coming up. I highly recommend Capstone Editing to academics wanting to save time and wanting to submit their work with the confidence that it has been thoroughly looked over and formatted to their particular requirements.

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan Political Science Charles Stuart University

The fast, elegant and professional service provided by Capstone Editing saved me hours, days and weeks of work for which I am truly grateful. They worked to very tight deadlines and formatted, fixed and corrected my thesis so that I could submit it on time (and within my budget!) The editors who edited my thesis had phenomenal attention to detail and provided me with tremendously valuable feedback that improved the quality of my thesis. In addition to the usual material, my thesis had dozens of tables in both portrait and landscape format, a research study and case studies. My editors very quickly corrected and fixed all the material I threw at them and went beyond the call of duty to provide me with a beautifully referenced and immaculately formatted thesis. I am so appreciative of their advice and assistance.

Cheryl-Anne Whitlock Master of Arts (Journalism) University of Wollongong

Capstone Editing’s simple order process provides easy access to professional editing. Please contact us if you would like us to tailor a different submission and invoicing arrangement for you.

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