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Careers At Capstone Editing

Capstone Editing’s academic editors are carefully selected and rigorously trained to ensure they really are the best and most experienced editors for the job in our highly specialised industry.

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A rewarding career at Capstone Editing

Capstone Editing recognises the importance to our business of hiring, training and retaining the most talented, qualified and experienced academic editors.

Should your application to work with us be successful, you can expect to be respected and valued, and given all the support you require to reach the pinnacle of your academic editing career. Our hiring process, like our editing, is detailed and exacting.

We are proud to offer an exceptional working environment that provides editors with both stability and flexibility, which is a rare combination in the modern workplace. Our editors find that working with Capstone Editing—whether they do so from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Auckland or anywhere else—isn’t simply just another job but rather an opportunity for growth and a rewarding career.

Our editors are experienced academics and highly qualified academic editors with a passion for word-perfect proofreading and a strong desire to embrace ongoing training opportunities.

The Advantages of Joining Our Team

Some of the many benefits of working with Capstone Editing are:


Flexible hours and regular, ongoing work, without the need to market your services

Competitive pay

Among the highest rates of pay in the editing and proofreading industry


Ability to do your job from the comfort of your own home or while travelling

Focus on editing

Our dedicated client support staff handle all customer service and communication


Excellent working conditions within a friendly and supportive team

Professional development

Ongoing training and professional development where needed, to help you to become the best editor you can be.

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Specialised training developed by an industry leader

While we only invite the very best academic editors to join our team, we recognise that everyone has varying levels of skills, qualifications and experience in editing and proofreading.

That is why we tailor our training to each individual editor to ensure they can consistently meet our exacting standards and to help them to develop themselves even further as professional academic editors. Capstone Editing’s Certificate in Academic Editing (non-accredited training) is the only formal course offered in Australia specifically for academic editors.

Drawing on her many years of experience in training Australia’s best academic editors, Dr Lines designed and developed this certificate in 2017, both to fill a significant training gap in the industry and to ensure all editors hired by Capstone Editing are right for the job and operating at international standards.

Capstone Editing's comprehensive editor training is designed to be completed online.

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A tailored program, just for you

Our Certificate in Academic Editing is only available to editors who are hired to work with us, and it forms a central part of our training. For some editors, its completion will be a requirement to establish a career in academic editing with Capstone Editing. For others, such as Accredited Editors with significant academic editing experience, it is optional.

For those academic editors that need not complete the Certificate owing to their existing qualifications and experience, Capstone Editing offers a short training and familiarisation course specific to working with us and using our house styles.

In each case, the training provided to academic editors who join our team is specifically tailored to their needs and delivered with attentive one-on-one support. Every editor will receive ongoing, individual support from our Head Editor, Assistant Head Editor and Assistant Program Coordinator.

For editors interested in joining our team who don't yet possess the qualifications or experience necessary, we invite you to consider our copyediting course Your Editing Career Launched as an option. This intensive, rigorous course will take you from where you are now and equip you to jump-start your career or advance you to the next level with lightning speed.

Selection Criteria

To apply to work with us, you must meet the following selection criteria:

  • Be fluent in English
  • Hold a PhD, an editing-specific postgraduate qualification or equivalent industry experience
  • Possess significant experience editing documents at a tertiary level
  • Be familiar with the expectations and conventions of academic documents in the tertiary sector
  • Have a proven ability to meet tight deadlines and manage time effectively
  • Have exceptional self-motivation and organisational skills
  • Be willing and motivated to complete any training and professional development necessary
  • Be available and willing to work a minimum of 25 hours per week (noting that we have a particular need for editors who can work on average 40 hours per week)
  • Possess advanced skills in Microsoft Office 365, including the use of Track Changes (on a computer that runs Windows).

The following is also desirable:

  • Accreditation with your national editors' association (e.g., IPEd, CIEP, Editors Canada or ACES)
  • Employment experience specifically as an academic editor
  • The ability to troubleshoot bugs and manage complex documents in Word
  • A strong record of academic publication.

Applications Open

We are always looking to hire suitable academic editors. If you meet the selection criteria above, please submit your cover letter, curriculum vitae and response to the selection criteria to

If you have any questions about working with us, please feel free to contact us.