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Assignment Editing & Proofreading Services

Assignment Editing Services in Australia


Do you have an important assignment coming up at university? It’s easy to get nervous about these things and to get stressed and overwhelmed trying to get everything right all by yourself. That’s especially true when these assignments carry a lot of weight towards your degree. So how can you present your best possible work? It’s easy—take advantage of Capstone Editing’s assignment editing services.

Assignments come in various shapes and sizes with different intended audiences and in different courses. They all have their own unique requirements and grading schemes. No wonder you feel overwhelmed. If you’d like an editor who knows how to meet the unique demands of all these challenges, look no further than Capstone Editing (leading proofreading agency). We can edit and proofread essays, presentations, case studies, abstracts, literature reviews and anything else, at all levels of study and in all imaginable fields. We know the different language and structural demands for different assignments and subjects, and we can apply them to our editing process to ensure your assignment has the best possible chance to get you the grades you deserve.
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What is Different about Assignment Editing


Assignments come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from essays, presentations, case studies and reports to abstracts, literature reviews, problem questions and reflective journals. Each of these assignment types serve a distinctive purpose, may be targeted towards different reading audiences and may have different structural or language demands. Regardless of the assignment type or level of study, Capstone Editing has highly skilled assignment editors who help you meet your assignment requirements, and also provide guidance on how to address similar tasks in future.

The Advantages of Assignment Editing & Proofreading Service


There’s a misconception in modern culture that studying is something we should do by ourselves, and that it’s cheating to get help. That’s not true. While it’s not ethical to have someone else write your assignments, there’s nothing wrong with receiving help in editing and proofreading them. That’s something we’ve always been doing for each other, whether that’s between friends or with someone like a tutor. In fact, utilising an assignment editing or proofreading service has many benefits:

  • Few of us have been trained in academic writing, with its high standards and unique demands, and an editor can help get your language and the structure of your assignment to the required standards of academic assignments.
  • Having someone else edit your work saves you a lot of time.
  • Hiring an editor gives you peace of mind and prevents stress and burnout.
  • A second pair of eyes can catch typos and other mistakes that you’ve missed.
  • You’ll be able to submit your assignments with much more confidence with our assignment editing services.
  • The advice you receive from an editor can often be applied to future assignments as well.

Have we convinced you that you need an editor yet? The good news is that you don’t have to look far for one—you’ve already managed to find us!
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The Benefits of Assignment Editing

Aside from the obvious benefit of potentially higher grades due to increased clarity and your own increased knowledge gained from the use of our service, assignment editing ensures that the calibre of the content in your writing is not marred by simple issues such as sentence structure, grammar and spelling. Often, as much as you proofread your document, you may miss errors or not be able to see alternative perspectives, simply because you have read the section over too many times. This is where an external viewpoint can be helpful; Capstone Editing’s expert assignment editors will be able to find opportunities to improve your writing’s functionality and clarity.

Your experienced academic editor will ensure that your assignment:
  • Addresses the assignment task logically and appropriately, meeting requirements such as marking criteria and word limits.
  • Uses the correct formatting and language style as required of the assignment.
  • Does not contain any spelling, grammatical, punctuation or structural issues.
  • Is correctly referenced based on the set guidelines (e.g., MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago), both in text and in your bibliography or reference list.
Professional assignment proofreading and editing provides benefits such as:
  • Helping you achieve higher writing standards and produce quality assignments.
  • Saving you time so you can focus on developing your knowledge of the content of your course or subject.
  • Self-improvement through a comprehensive letter from your editor explaining common errors and giving future recommendations and detailed advice.

The Benefits of Choosing Capstone Editing for Your Assignment Editing


Capstone Editing provides superior assignment editing services, and we’re a favourite with Australian students for more than one reason:

  • Our academic editors have academic backgrounds and have undergone rigorous editing and proofreading training.
  • Document formatting services is included in all services.
  • We always deliver on time, so you don’t have to miss a deadline.
  • Our Quality Guarantee ensures you’ll be 100% happy with your assignment and that we’ll make any necessary adjustments free of charge.
  • We’re highly reliable, with an excellent track record and thousands of completed edits under our belt.

To take advantage of our assignment editing and proofreading service, submit your assignment through the Order Now button on our website or get in touch to discuss your needs and find the best service for you.

Professional Assignment Editing and Proofreading Services

Want to elevate your writing and take your assignments to the next level? Get in touch with Capstone Editing today!

Our team of editors are experienced in editing and proofreading assignments for students and can ensure your work is polished, clear and concise. We don’t just correct grammar, spelling and punctuation issues but also help you make sure your arguments are clearly presented and your document flows naturally and logically.

What’s more, our expert editors are academics themselves, which means they are familiar with the referencing systems used by all universities in Australia and New Zealand. We’ll edit your document in line with your university’s requirements and the Australian Standards of Editing Practice, so you can rest easy knowing your submission is of the highest possible quality.

Capstone Editing’s industry-leading services take the stress out of exam season by helping you refine your work and produce excellent, submission-ready assignments.

Affordable Assignment Editing for Students

At Capstone Editing, we believe that excellent editing should be available to everyone. That’s why we offer flexible payment options to ensure our services are affordable for students on a budget.

Our range of payment plans makes it easy for you to access our high-quality assignment editing and proofreading services without a steep up-front cost, allowing you to pay in instalments over six, 12, 18 or 24 months. Moreover, our payment options are interest-free and have no hidden fees or charges, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for when you sign up.

Capstone editing makes it quick, easy and affordable to get your assignments professionally edited. Plus, with our Quality and On-Time guarantees, you can be sure you’ll receive work of the highest quality on time, every time, or your money back. Find out more about how we can help you put your best foot forward at assignment time on our FAQ page, or get in touch today!

Our Reputation

We are proud of our reputation as the highest-quality academic editing service available. Testimonials from our past clients and the examples of our editing we provide here demonstrate the quality of our work.

Editing examples

These documents provide representative examples of our work for past clients.


I want to thank Capstone Editing for the invaluable assistance they provided in editing my PhD thesis (following the ‘Guidelines for Editing Research Theses’ as per University of Adelaide requirements). The final edited thesis was perfectly expressed and did not contain any typographical or grammatical errors. This was affirmed by my thesis being accepted without corrections, which I believe is rare. I am especially grateful for the care taken to avoid changing any of my ideas in what was a complex work. In reviewing the edits and comments, I felt at all times that my work had been treated with the greatest sensitivity and respect. Capstone Editing proved their editors to be highly skilled, professional and trustworthy. I highly recommend Capstone Editing to postgraduates and academics seeking a professional academic editor.

Dr Radhika Seimon NHMRC Early Career Fellow University of Sydney

I would confidently recommend the editorial services of Capstone Editing. They are fast, capable and professional. My editor identified a number of places in which the expression and clarity in the grant were able to be improved. Her careful editing saved me valuable time and identified details I had missed in my own revisions. She was careful to ensure that any changes to the expression didn’t change the meaning, and clearly noted where there may have been ambiguity. In today’s competitive research environment, I honestly believe the services of Capstone Editing represent a very worthwhile investment, and I intend to utilise their services again with future grants.

Dr Suzanne Nielsen NHMRC Senior Research Fellow University of New South Wales

A good editor may be the difference between a pass or fail, or more positively, a High Distinction or a Distinction. A good editor will not only attend to spelling, grammar, syntax and structure but will also read and understand the point of the assignment and thus recommend changes in accordance with the specific intentions of the work. A good editor is clear and precise. A good editor offers suggestions towards increasing clarity, that is, what you think you are saying may not be what you have said. This is all the job of a good editor. Capstone's editors are among the best. I have never received less than a High Distinction in any subject since using their services.

Gary Master’s by coursework Flinders University

Dr Lisa Lines was recommended to me by a colleague as an expert editor in her field. It is my pleasure to assert that her editorial services were well worth the investment made. Not only am I grateful for the numerous corrections to errors that I had missed, but I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to learn from her expertise. While I hope to implement some of these skills in the future, I will certainly engage her services again. Her attention to detail, her professionalism and her courteous manner in dealing with my work were greatly appreciated. Dr Lines formatted my thesis in such a way that it is both easy to read and navigate. It was reassuring to have someone trustworthy to help me in the final stages of my PhD. I recommend Capstone Editing to students and academics alike.

Mark Griffiths PhD Candidate Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University

Capstone Editing’s simple order process provides easy access to professional academic editing. In most cases, universities cover the cost of editing for their academic staff and we can invoice them directly.

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Capstone Editing is proud to be the only editing service in Australia to offer an after-pay service to our clients. Access top-quality editing when you need it, and pay for it over time in manageable instalments.

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Pay for the course in equal monthly instalments over a period of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months.

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Always interest free, no early exit fees and no hidden fees and charges.

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Apply online for either instant approval or a decision within a few hours (depending on the provider you choose).

Don’t wait! Submit your document for editing now and pay later with a flexible payment plan that suits your individual needs.

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