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New ways to pick our expert brains

Posted by Capstone Editing on 13 October 2023

New ways to pick our expert brains:
Skills enhancement for every editor


We have some exciting news! In addition to our all-inclusive editing course, Your Editing Career Launched 2.0, we are now offering extremely affordable mini-courses and masterclasses covering particular aspects of the process and business of editing.

We are doing this to make our very popular editor training affordable to everyone who needs it and to provide professional development targeted to the needs of editors at all levels. Whether you’re a newbie looking to become an expert in grammar, copyediting and business planning or an old hand who wants a refresher on the latest in inclusive language, we’ve got something for you.

You can see the full list of offerings here:


Specialist Editing Masterclasses



Business Essentials for Editors Masterclasses



Advanced Editing Mini-Courses


Every mini-course includes video lessons, reading materials, practical exercises and answers and a list of useful resources to help you continue learning.


Advanced Editing Masterclasses



The Works!


Enrol in Your Editing Career Launched 2.0 and get all of the above—plus guaranteed work with us if you pass. We are so confident that Your Editing Career Launched 2.0 produces world-class editors that we promise to hire our graduates. This course is an ideal investment in your editing career—but perhaps you’re concerned about your cash flow? Well, so are we! That’s why we offer a monthly payment planYour Editing Career Launched 2.0 is also half-price until the end of this month.


We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you. Start picking our expert brains today!

Learn more about our mini-courses and masterclasses

Learn more about Your Editing Career Launched 2.0


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