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The Capstone Editing Grant for Professional Thesis Editing


Honestly, we never planned to offer a grant for postgrad students in which we would offer free thesis editing to the recipients. It felt too shamelessly self-promoting! But so many students have asked us to add this to our scholarship and grant program that we really feel that if we didn’t do it, we wouldn’t be helping postgrads in one of the ways they really need it. And that’s our goal. So you’ve asked, and we’ve answered.

We are thrilled to add the Capstone Editing Grant for Professional Thesis Editing to our program. The grant provides free thesis editing for one Masters or PhD student per year. There is no limit on the amount of words in the thesis that we will edit (so long as the thesis meets the students’ departments’ word limit). It just needs to be a thesis written for a postgraduate degree for an Australian or New Zealand university.

The applications will be assessed based on both financial need and academic merit. We really want to make a difference, so our aim is to help hardworking and diligent postgraduate students who without this grant wouldn’t be able to afford a professional academic editing service. Having your thesis professionally edited is so crucial, especially now that universities require them to be written and presented to meet publication standards.

Application process

Applications are currently OPEN. You can read about our previous winners here: Eden Robertson (2018), Lauren Chartier (2019), Bernardo Lopez Marin (2021) and Elizabeth Osborn (2022).

Applications are open from 26 November 2022 to 28 October 2023.

The grant will be awarded on 1 November 2023. The recipient then has up to 12 months to make use of our thesis editing service.

The Capstone Editing Grant for Professional Thesis Editing is awarded on the basis of both academic merit and financial need. Each application will be carefully assessed. The two successful applicants will be chosen at the sole discretion of Capstone Editing, and this decision is final.

If you have any questions, please first visit the Scholarship and Grants Program section of our FAQs.

If you still have questions or require any further information after reading our FAQs, you can email


To apply for this scholarship, simply complete this form and provide your supporting documents. Please ensure you have checked your eligibility in our terms and conditions. For details on how Capstone Editing protects your personal information, please read our privacy policy.

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Supporting documents
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A letter from your supervisor confirming their support for you to use the funds in the proposed way, should you be awarded the scholarship.

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Please provide a detailed outline of how you propose the spend the funds. This should include the items, the cost of each item and how each item relates to your research.

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