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The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women—Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction

  • 1.1 The Capstone Editing Early Career Academic Research Grant for Women provides up to A$5,000 for one female academic per year to assist with the costs associated with a research project of her choosing leading towards a publication (Grant).
  • 1.2 The Grant can be applied towards:
    • 1.2.1 any costs related to the research project, including without limitation conducting a field trip, purchasing books, software or equipment, hiring a translator, or performing surveys or interviews; and
    • 1.2.2 non-academic expenses not ordinarily covered by university funding that disproportionately affect a female academic’s ability to undertake academic work, such as the costs of childcare.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  • 2.1 In order to be eligible for the Grant:
    • 2.1.1 the applicant must be a woman;
    • 2.1.2 the applicant must be employed as an academic staff member in a position that involves research at an Australian or New Zealand university;
    • 2.1.3 the applicant must be employed either on a full-time or permanent part-time basis at an Australian or New Zealand university;
    • 2.1.4 the applicant cannot be an employee or contractor of Capstone Editing (or be an immediate relative of an employee or contractor of Capstone Editing);
    • 2.1.5 the applicant must be an ‘early career academic’. For the purposes of this Grant, an early career academic is someone who holds a PhD, AND has graduated from their PhD within the past six years OR who has begun employment in an academic position on a full-time or permanent part-time basis for the first time within the past two years;
    • 2.1.6 the research project being undertaken by the applicant must be one intended to lead to publication. For the purposes of this Grant, this is defined as a research project for which one of the expected outcomes is publication of a peer-reviewed journal article, book or a chapter within a book; and
    • 2.1.7 the applicant must not have previously received the Grant.
  • 2.2 Academics employed on a casual basis by the relevant Australian or New Zealand university are not eligible to receive the Grant.
  • 2.3 Any determination on eligibility of an applicant shall be made by Capstone Editing whose decision shall be final.

3. Application Process

  • 3.1 Applications for the Grant shall be made in writing in the form determined by Capstone Editing. (Currently an online form on the website
  • 3.2 Capstone Editing’s decision to accept or reject an application shall be final.
  • 3.3 The application must outline the applicant’s intended use of the Grant.
  • 3.4 The application must specify the amount being applied for (a maximum of A$5,000) and must include evidence of the costs of such use to support the amount claimed (in the form of invoices and quotations).
  • 3.5 By submitting an application, the applicant agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

4. Award of the Grant

  • 4.1 The Grant shall be awarded once each calendar year on the date specified on our website here: 
  • 4.2 The Grant shall be awarded based on academic merit and financial need as determined by Capstone Editing in its absolute discretion. The decision made by Capstone Editing shall be final.
  • 4.3 Capstone Editing shall announce on Capstone Editing’s website the successful recipient of the Grant on each calendar year that the Grant is awarded.
  • 4.4 The successful recipient of the Grant will be notified in writing and subject to clause 7.2.
  • 4.5 Capstone Editing can elect to cease providing the Grant at any time without further notice.

5. Application of the Grant

  • 5.1 The Grant must be applied towards those costs specified in the application.
  • 5.2 Subject to the successful recipient having first satisfied clause 7.2, Capstone Editing at its election shall either pay for the expense by making direct payment or shall reimburse the successful applicant for expenses incurred subject to the successful applicant providing reasonable evidence that payment has been made.

6. Release

  • 6.1 Capstone Editing is not liable for the payment of any tax or any other obligations the successful applicant may incur as a result of accepting the Grant. The successful applicant must seek appropriate financial advice prior to accepting the Grant.
  • 6.2 In accepting a Grant, the successful applicant agrees to waive, release and discharge Capstone Editing, its officers, associates and partner organisations from any and all liability, including but not limited to any liability arising from the negligence or fault of the entities or persons released for death, disability, personal injury, property damage, property theft, or actions of any kind that may occur as part of the Grant, including during or after any travel undertaken as part of the Grant.

7. Promotion

  • 7.1 The details of the recipient of the Grant, including name, school, degree and photograph will be used by Capstone Editing for promotional purposes, including but not limited to Capstone Editing’s website, social media channels, blog, print and electronic media.
  • 7.2 It is a precondition of the award of the Grant that the recipient provide their details including name, school, degree and photograph to Capstone Editing for use in accordance with clause 7.1.
  • 7.3 By accepting the Grant, the recipient expressly agrees and consents to Capstone Editing using their details including name, school, degree and photograph for promotional purposes as set out in clause 7.1.
  • 7.4 Capstone Editing agrees that it shall in no way use the details provided in accordance with clause 7.2 for any purpose other than as set out in clause 7.1 without the express written consent of the recipient.
  • 7.5 The recipient waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product, the advertising copy or other matter that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which is may be applied.
  • 7.6 The recipient must within 3 calendar months of being awarded the Grant provide a 500-word report explaining how receiving the Grant assisted the recipient in their research. This will be published on Capstone Editing’s website.

8. Privacy

  • 8.1 Capstone Editing’s privacy policy applies to all applications for the Grant received by Capstone Editing.
  • 8.2 A copy of Capstone Editing’s privacy policy will be provided to you upon written request or alternatively can be found at
  • 8.3 By making an application, the applicant consents to Capstone Editing using the information contained in the application to verify the eligibility of the applicant including, without limitation, consenting to Capstone Editing contacting the relevant university to verify the accuracy of the application.

9. Further Information

  • 9.1 If you have any questions, please first visit the Scholarship and Grants Program section of our FAQs.
  • 9.2 If you still have questions or require any further information after reading our FAQs, you can email

Prepared by Denis Marjas
Griffins Lawyers
49 Flinders Street
Adelaide SA 5000