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Legal Editing Service

Who Can Benefit from Our Service?

Our legal editing service is suitable for academics, postgraduate law students, researchers, law firms, private practising lawyers, legal centres and legal writers.

Law Thesis Editing

This service can be used by law students undertaking their Honours, Masters or PhD degree in law. Our thesis editing service will ensure that your research is presented in the absolute best light, paying particular attention to the specific requirements of law schools and law theses, which of course differ from those of other academic disciplines. While our thesis editing page outlines exactly what is included in our copyediting service, you can rest assured that we approach legal editing with the precision and specialist knowledge that it requires.

Our team of specialist legal editors have edited literally thousands of law theses between them. We have assisted postgrads from every law school in Australia and many in New Zealand. When you work with Capstone Editing, you can be confident in the quality of the editing you will receive.

At Capstone, where we have edited literally thousands of law theses, we often boast that our editors are Australia’s foremost experts in the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC). Indeed, it is a system that most postgrads and even many freelance editors struggle to implement perfectly. This isn’t the case at Capstone Editing, where every legal editor must routinely refresh their skills in AGLC by completing rigorous training programs and quality assurance tests.

After we have worked diligently to help you to submit your law thesis to your university successfully, we can further assist you should you wish to adapt a chapter or chapters of your thesis for publication as a peer-reviewed journal article. We can even work with you should you wish to transform your thesis into a manuscript and have it published as a book.

Journal Article Editing

Our legal editing service is particularly useful for academics or postgraduate students who need their law journal articles copyedited to meet the meticulous standards and requirements of scholarly law journals. Our service includes not only full and complete language editing, but also the precise application of your target journal’s specified language and referencing style manual/s. Peer-reviewed journals may require articles to be written in British/Australian or American English. They may require you to follow one style manual for matters of language (such as grammar and punctuation) and another for referencing. And they will almost always have additional requirements in relation to how your article must be formatted. You can feel at ease knowing that our specialist editors are published academics themselves; thus, they know exactly what needs to be done to prepare your article for submission. And we are here to complete all those tasks for you, to the highest possible standard.

Further, every peer-reviewed law journal has its own requirements in terms of language, referencing and formatting. This means if your article happens to be rejected by your target journal, you will have to amend many aspects of it before it can be submitted to the next journal. Our world-class legal editors can do all this work for you, leaving you to work on your next research project (or a myriad of other academic duties!). You can read more about our journal article editing service here.

Law Firms

Our service is very practical for law firms wanting to ensure that their legal documents are perfect prior to disseminating them to third parties such as Courts, clients or judicial officers. Our exceptional legal editing team will ensure that your legal documents are rigorously edited and compatible with the needs of you and your clients. One of our most popular services is helping lawyers to ensure affidavits meet the new page requirements by reducing the word count without removing any important information.

We also work with law firms and private practising lawyers to ensure that the information on their websites and other advertising materials is clear, concise and professional, while also promoting trust.

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Why Choose Capstone Editing?

Capstone Editing understands the need for accuracy when editing legal documents. We offer a unique editing service—not only do we have a team of highly qualified academics who are specialists in editing, we also have team members who are leaders in the legal editing profession. Our legal editors have law degrees or have worked for renowned legal publishers, and most certainly possess decades of experience editing in this specialist field. Our knowledge of the law, coupled with our expertise in academic editing, make us the logical choice for all your legal editing needs. We know that editing your legal work can be a cumbersome process for the author of those document. We can help you by removing dispensable legal jargon and ensure your writing is succinct in order to achieve the desired result, which will ultimately save you time and money.

All team members are familiar with the specific requirements of legal referencing and citation standards including the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (3rd Ed.) (AGLC), the Canadian Guide to Uniform Legal Citation (McGill Guide), the Oxford Standard for Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA) and the Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th Ed.) (the most widely used legal citation system in the USA). The law editors at Capstone Editing are comfortable editing using these different styles and will ensure that your legal documents are meticulously edited to comply with your preferred referencing manual.

Types of Legal Editing

Capstone Editing will ensure that your legal document is clear, concise and error free before publication, completion or distribution. Our legal editors can copyedit documents including, but not limited to:

    • Law theses and dissertations for Honours, Masters and PhD students
    • Peer-reviewed journal articles
    • Affidavits
    • Legal blogs
    • Legal briefs
    • Lawyer bios
    • Websites for law firms and legal centres
    • Advertising material to attract clients
    • Legal letters
    • Contracts
    • Case summaries
    • Case commentaries
    • Legislative comments and law reform
    • Case judgments
    • Brochures.

Our Reputation

We are proud of our reputation as the highest-quality academic editing service available. Testimonials from our past clients and the examples of our editing we provide here demonstrate the quality of our work.

Editing examples

These documents provide representative examples of our work for past clients.


I would like to thank my editor at Capstone Editing for her thorough edit of my grant proposal. Her suggestions gave me better ways of expressing myself with clarity and (importantly for grant proposals) with fewer words! She provided detailed comments on her edits that helped ensure that we didn’t inadvertently change the intended meaning. I appreciated her attention to the details of formatting and nuances of meaning across the document. I highly recommend her to help improve the readability and clarity of academic documents.

Dr Monica Barratt NHMRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow University of New South Wales

Capstone Editing has edited many journal articles for me. Their editors' thorough command of language really helps in making sure that the article is well expressed and free of errors. They work very quickly and I have found it invaluable to have somebody format an article to the style of the particular journal. It is a massive time saver that allows me to move on to my next piece of work. I plan to use Capstone's services again, including for a book project I have coming up. I highly recommend Capstone Editing to academics wanting to save time and wanting to submit their work with the confidence that it has been thoroughly looked over and formatted to their particular requirements.

Associate Professor Dominic O'Sullivan Political Science Charles Stuart University

The fast, elegant and professional service provided by Capstone Editing saved me hours, days and weeks of work for which I am truly grateful. They worked to very tight deadlines and formatted, fixed and corrected my thesis so that I could submit it on time (and within my budget!) The editors who edited my thesis had phenomenal attention to detail and provided me with tremendously valuable feedback that improved the quality of my thesis. In addition to the usual material, my thesis had dozens of tables in both portrait and landscape format, a research study and case studies. My editors very quickly corrected and fixed all the material I threw at them and went beyond the call of duty to provide me with a beautifully referenced and immaculately formatted thesis. I am so appreciative of their advice and assistance.

Cheryl-Anne Whitlock Master of Arts (Journalism) University of Wollongong

Capstone Editing’s simple order process provides easy access to professional editing. Please contact us if you would like us to tailor a different submission and invoicing arrangement for you.

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