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Our editors are both experienced academics and professional editors, which is what allows us to produce work of the very highest standard in the extremely specialised field of academic editing.

Dr Saili Moghe, Editor at Capstone Editing

Dr Saili Moghe


  • PhD (Cancer Research), University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Honours in Biology, University of Nebraska at Kearney
  • Bachelor of Science (Biology, Environmental Health emphasis), University of Nebraska at Kearney

Dr Saili Moghe is an academic editor, educator and biologist. She has worked at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation as a scientist, and as a visiting Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. In her work as a scientist and a university professor, she has gained extensive experience in both writing and editing academic work.

During her academic career, Dr Moghe has written and edited journal articles and book chapters that have been published in peer-reviewed, international academic journals and textbooks. She has provided editorial support to her colleagues for grants, scientific journal articles and other academic publications. Over many years of teaching scientific communication and academic writing to multiculturally diverse university students, she has also gained significant experience in editing coursework essays and postgraduate theses.

Dr Moghe is an enthusiastic professional editor who loves to ensure that academic research and ideas are communicated in a comprehensive and articulate manner.


Journal Articles
  • Moghe, Saili, Fei Jiang, Yoshie Miura, Ronald L. Cerny, Ming Ying Tsai and Manabu Furukawa. 2012. ‘The CUL3-KLHL18 Ligase Regulates Mitotic Entry and Ubiquitylates Aurora-A’. Biology Open 1 (2):82–91. 
  • Iyer, Jyoti, Saili Moghe, Manabu Furukawa and Ming Ying Tsai. 2011. ‘What’s Nu(SAP) in Mitosis and Cancer?’. Cellular Signalling 23 (6):991–998.
Books & Book Chapters
  • Iyer, Joyti, Saili Moghe, Manabu Furukawa and Ming Ying Tsai. 2013. ‘Nucleolar Proteins and Cancer: The Roles of Aurora A Interacting Nucleolar Proteins in Mitosis and Cancer’. In Proteins of the Nucleolus: Regulation, Translocation & Biomedical Functions, edited by Danton H. O’Day and Andrew Catalano. London: Springer.  
  • Iyer, Jyoti, Saili Moghe, Niveditha Rajagopalan, Manabu Furukawa and Ming Ying Tsai. 2012. ‘The Varied Functions of Aurora Kinases in Maintaining Genetic Integrity’. In New Developments in Chromatin Research. New York: Nova Publishers.