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Our editors are both experienced academics and professional editors, which is what allows us to produce work of the very highest standard in the extremely specialised field of academic editing.

Amanda Webster, AE, Assistant Program Coordinator & YECL Course Presenter at Capstone Editing

Amanda Webster, AE

Assistant Program Coordinator & YECL Course Presenter

Amanda Webster, AE, has managed, coordinated and coached several teams in a variety of settings. She is experienced in managing workflows and is passionate about helping others learn. In particular, her ability to break down complex ideas and convey them plainly yet comprehensively serves her well as our Assistant Program Coordinator.

As a former intermediate artistic roller skating coach (and Senior International competitor herself), Ms Webster has years of experience training and mentoring students at an elite level. This role also required that Ms Webster complete the Australian Institute of Sport’s Community Coaching General Principles course and maintain Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority certificates each year. Competing at an elite level (including at the world championships) inculcated upon Ms Webster not only outstanding dedication and motivation but also the ability to work remarkably well in a team. She enthusiastically applies all this skill and knowledge in her role as Assistant Program Coordinator at Capstone Editing, helping our course participants learn efficiently, remain driven and become exceptional editors themselves.

Ms Webster is an incredibly talented editor and a rising star in the editing industry, whom Capstone Editing has wisely taken the opportunity to employ and invest in early in her career. She has undergone Capstone Editing’s rigorous training program and is a gifted fiction editor and aspiring author. Ms Webster has an intuitive understanding of how to make a piece of writing flow seamlessly and enjoys the challenge of helping students and academics articulate their ideas clearly and concisely. Her deep love of consistency and her care and attention to detail mean she will continue to develop as an exacting and thoughtful editor.

Ms Webster works closely with Dr Nelson Mok, Assistant Head Editor, and Zacharia Bruckner, Senior Editor and Business Manager, to ensure that all our students have a fantastic learning experience and that their educational and career goals are met.